Smart Lightbulb Socket

Smart Lightbulb Socket

No matter where you are, with the internet environment, Opro9 Smart Lightbulb Socket provides easily operating the lights in your home. Light, no longer leave the warm bed for turning off the lights and also can automatically turn on the lights in the morning to wake you up. Furthermore, Apple TV or iPad can be the router to implement even not at home, can also easily control the home lightings through the Internet.

works with Apple HomeKit

Exclusive situation, set it up

A variety of scenes can be customized through the IOS Home app or the Opro9 App. You can easily choose and control any favorite home scenes and multiple scene modes the different needs. For example, typing or voice to setup the “go home” scene, automatically turn on the lights in entrance and living room.

Smart scheduling exclusive planning

Easily create personalized lighting schedules and quickly adjust the color, brightness and switch control. Enjoy the Smart Home through smart settings while busy. (NOTICE: Adjust the color and bright of light, which request a dimmable LED bulb)