Smart Power Outlet

Smart Power Outlet

No matter where you are, with the internet environment, the Opro9 Smart Socket offers you to easily control your home. Electrical appliances, and can always grasp the situation of home appliances anytime, anywhere. Imagine automatically start up the thermostat when just wake up in the morning, or turn on the air purifier before home. If the remote control is required, Apple TV or iPad can be used as a router.

works with Apple HomeKit

Sound Control, Satisfy Needs

Through Siri that built in the iOS device, can easily control and manage the home electronics by the voice, such as “turn off all appliances in the living room ” Opro9 iU9 will satisfy your life needs.

Smart power outlet

Easily Master, Monitor Anytime

Opro9 smart power outlet supports the various electrical products, you can sit on the sofa at home and easily control, even not at home, you can also through internet to monitor, and easily master all home appliances anytime, anywhere.